three exciting things

hello there !! how was you weekend ?
our weekend was pretty awesome , we can´t wait to show you the pictures tomorrow :)
monday wow we are starting a new week and we are going to share with you 3 excititing things that are that are going to make us go through this week with joy and they are going to keep us smiling all week long :) so here they are :

 We are just 20 days away from finishing shcool !! woohooo ... we are so excited that we are almost done with shcool for the rest of the year , wow this year has gone so fast

 our mom is getting home in just two more weeks , we know that two weeks is still a lot but three weeks have gone by, so just two sounds like pretty much less... we just can´t wait to have her back

and  the third thing that we are excited about is that we have a goal !! we are going to do 5 post´s this week  ahhh isn´t that exciting ? we have been  trying to do it but things comes in our way and boom we fail ... but this week we are going to make it happen and if we made it we are going to celebrate like BiG TiMe for sure
so wish us luck :)

Happy Monday you all , xoxo Anna and Andrea .

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