Happy Birthday!

onTuesday was our birthday! we can't believe we are 19 now! we had a little celebration on Sunday night with the family and close friends at our house! 
Anna: I had my cooking class that day at INTECAP, so I woke up like every single day and got ready. The day was so much fun spent with my friends cooking and making some amazing things, Ruth never stopped saying me happy birthday and everybody was so nice to me, even people that I didn't knew it was my birthday stopped me to say Hi and congratulate me and at the end of the day this guy showed up with this huge balloon and gave it to me, goodness definitely a day to remember hahaha. it so funny! Had to carry this thing all the way back home in the bus, everybody kept staring at me hahaha well not me, the balloon of course. 
came home and shower and got ready to meet Ale at San Martin. So beyond thankful for this friendship that God has allowed me to have. I have seen Gods love and care for me by giving me amazing friends, specially this one. Thanks girl for everything. 
Andrea: my day was pretty much like every single day, went to the university and the sad thing was that i didn't get to see my friends, but oh well. I spend my afternoon doing homework and finally at night we went to dinner together as a family.
I wanted to go to L'osteria for a long time and finally our birthday was the lucky day. this restaurant is completely gorgeous, it's that kind of place that you immediately fall in love with it right away!
the food was delicious and our time was lovely. 

It's been weird not spending our day the both of us together for the last two years. even thought we are physically apart i feel like this past years we have gotten closer and closer every single day. we are both our best friend and we donu't know what we would do with out the other. being a twin is possibly the most most wonderful, amazing, incredible thing that could have ever happen to me and i thank the Lord for the gift to having Anna has my twin.
 + the balloon was so cute not to take pictures with it.


He is enough

Today! God just opened up my heart and revealed to me things that I hide or actually I am in denial of. It hurts so much, i don’t want to accept it, but I have to. God is reminding me that He is enough to make me whole.

I don’t need anyone to be complete, or more friends, things, more money, etc. 
He is enough. God showed me something & it really broke me into pieces. God is enough! 
I just need to grasp of this truth all the time, every day!
Then I realized, God will break you into pieces to remind you that He is enough; and that He is the only One that you need for you to be made whole. 
God is emptying me up, so He can fill me. Its hard but I know i’ll be victorious in this matter, God knows best. God is enough.

I realized I am nothing, I can't do this thing called life by my self, 
I am weak. & God wants his power to flow through my weakness.

xo Anna.