Grocery Shopping

hello there Anna´s here :) ohh my can you believe is thursday already ? this week is going so fast
i can´t even believe it .. so i am going to share with you all a little funny story well not so funny .
so going to the super market with out your mom could be really tricky... ( you may already know that my mom is on vacation right ?)
you know when you are a little girl and you want to go with your mom to the store and everything is so much fun in that place, and you want to push the cart or go inside of the cart and you just see your mom getting things and puting them inside the cart ...
yes well we are big now and my sister drives now and we have go the three of us by our selfs and your dad gives you the enough money and you have to think wich things we need and wich ones we don´t have at the house .. well that happen to us 
we made our list before leaving the house. we got there and took a cart and we look at each other like " okay where should we start ? " so we made it through the fruit and the vegetables wich i have to say it was not the easy one 
then we need it meat and again "wich one is the best ?" " wich one should we get ?" " what is the best brand ?"  ahhh anyway so many things to think about when you are doing this.
at the biginning we were kind of stress out but we decided we need it to have fun and enjoy that time like sisters and we did !! even though is not the same with out you mom , we miss you so badly and we need you here ) we had fun and got home with all the things we need it ..
Hooray for us !!

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