Sunset, in Eustis Florida

as you know , i had the opportunity to be in Florida this past month , it was an amazing time seeing great friends and know new people also , this day we wore droving in Eustis when i saw the lake and ask if we could stop and take a few pictures 
it was beautiful , the wind was blowing in my face and watching the sun as red as you can imagine and the sky changing in beautiful colors 
such an amazing moment :) 

We are back

Hello people! we are back, we came back from our trips on Tuesday, we are so happy to be back and we are so sorry we haven't post in a while but we have so much to share and we can't Wait to tell you all about it and show you pictures.
Hope you guys are doing great.


2 things from this week

 Hey you! How are you? I am so thankful and grateful to be here with this family. The Lord has bless me so much and i am so happy and full.
On Monday we paint and it was so much fun haha i felt like a kid. And it's so great to see them paint and be so creative.
 And then on Thursday I went on a walk with the 2 oldes Kids.
Ans the day was beautiful and lovely
Hope you have a great weekend. God bless you.
xo Andrea.


Hello from Florida

i am in FLORIDA !!!!
i got here on Sunday afternoon and ohh boy i love traveling by myself 
i love airports so much 
they are so much fun and so inspiring for me 
i know this sounds crazy but seriously i love them !!!

and in the minute a got my suitcases 
boom with the english
with the  weather
with the time change
but ohh man 
i know you are probably "but it was just 2 hours of difference not big deal"
i mean this was 5th day here i have finally started to feel normal again 
i had headaches and i was so confuse and lost and not me at all 
but you know the Lord is so good that i feel great right now 

that is why i am able to be writing this right now

i am so amazed for what the Lord is doing in  my life just being here and sharing with amazing people and
with Cindy especially , just sharing the word of God and studding His word has bless me so much i feel so happy and excited for what is next in this trip 
so thankful to be here 
i mean i have been here just 5 days and He is doing great things !!
although i miss Andrea so much :) 

okay i am off to bed 

xoxo Anna


First Week

Hello you all, how are you doing? This is Andrea here.
Wow it's been a week Since I write to you all
okay so today i turn a week of  being here in Indiana  remember?
It's been so fun and exiting to see everybody again and just catch up on everything. I will be honest i still cannot believe it. I am just full,thankful and so so happy to be back to this incredible pleace and this amazing people. I can't stop smiling :) okay so here are some of the first things I've been doing here. hope you all are well.

Walking around and seeing this beautiful place again
Whent to the Anthropologie store for the first time
Catching up with friends
being with this Adorable Kids


on my mind

ohh boy where to began
for the past few days i haven´t been here
in reality
my mind is in another planet , i have been thinking so much about my trip
so many thoughts come into my mind and boom i could spend hours and hours thinking about that
i mean i travel last year and i know how it is and everything
but the thing is that i feel the same way as i felt last year
it is like a whole new place where i don´t know the people
and i have to make new friends
it is not that i don´t like to make friends or talk to people because i do
i love people i love making new friends

like my sister she when back on Tuesday to Indiana to the same family that have her last year
back to the same church and friends that she already knew from last year

i don´t know where this is going ... sorry
but seriously i feel so many things right now
i am happy
and thankful
and excited
and blessed
and on on and on ...

ahh I feel so bless because the Lord has Provided for me to go
and if he has provided is for a reason
He has something for me there
He has great things for me on this trip
i know He wants me to learn more about Him and His word

i am forever thankful for this opportunity that He is giving me one again
thank you JESUS !!!
so so excited for you have for me and for what i am going to learn and experience with you
because you are coming with me i am not going by myself YOU ARE COMING WITH ME !!

see you tomorrow Florida !!!

xo Anna



here are the photobooth pictures from Enid´s party
hope they are not to many 

xoxo Anna and Andrea