Donuts for breakfast!

last Saturday morning Andrea and I took a walk to get some donuts for breakfast, 
Mom and Dad were out of town and Enid had to go to collage so it was just us
we decided to take a walk around and take the camara with us.
we usually never walk in this area because we are always in the car, so it was nice to see it in a different perspective, sometimes you don't have to go far to find something fun to do. 
so yeah we walked, bought some donuts, and eat them on our way back. 
that was our little Saturday adventure!

P.S one of the things that Guatemala city has taught me is that you can go walking everywhere and to not be afraid of it!
Xoxo Anna.


In search. Guate // 002

hello everyone! today i want to here this beautiful place called Orquideas S & M
Orchids SyM born as a concern to a small orchid plant.
Throughout more than 25 years they have had a passion for flowers and plants and concerns about constantly discovering new hybrids.
Until today they have more than 40 international awards from the American Orchid Society of the United States for cultivation and quality of their plants. Every year they participate in events and national and international exhibitions.
We found it a few months ago and we wanted to go back to take pictures and to show it to our sweet friend Zoilita, who loves orchids so much too.
we think this such an inspiring place in the middle of Guatemala City.
as you can see from the pictures the place is magnificent.
xoxo Andrea.

P.S.  if you missed our first in search Guate see HERE


life in the city +

okay so life in the city is pretty exciting! why?? let me tell you why...
everyday I fall more in love with this city. the streets, the people, the lights, the cars, the buildings, the stores, etc. my life consists in getting up very early , have breakfast pretty fast and leave the house and walk to the bus station ( which thankfully is close to my house) and get to school 15min later! work in the restaurant or go to classes depending on the day and finally heading back home late in the afternoon, again take the bus and walk home! so thats pretty much it! 
I love what I do and I couldn't be happier of what I am studying.
God has been so amazingly awesome with me this past 6 months (well he always has) in every way possible, in the smallest things He shows me He is with me no matter what, 
He has been so real to me.
I have struggled so much with this whole new process of living here and the change of being homeshcooled to being in culinary school! I knew this world existed but actually being in it is such a different thing, 
I have struggled with not being with my family, there are moments when you just feel so alone, even thought your not, all the finding friends process has been good but in a way it has been super complicated, for differet reasons! 
But I am beyond thatnkful for having the Lord by my side all the time, as I said, He has been so real to me, that even in the smalest things He is showing me that everlasting love, His grace, His power over everything, and He has also shown me that I have influence, influence around the people that I do life with every week, a good influence over them, 
people have come asking me for help, prayer, advice, and I am sure that is God saying "here is where I want you Anna, and this is why"! I know He will keep using me to bring people closer to Him and yeah thats the purpose in life, lead people to the feet of Jesus, and that they may know there is hope and salvation only through Him alone. 

so yeah that how my life has been, I am just so thankful to be alive and to be where I am right now.
there is no greater joy and satisfaccion than living that true fulfilling life in Him!

P.S. heres A few pictures I have taken thought out the weeks! 
Xoxo Anna.


seven pictures to define our weekend!

Man! this week has flown away way too fast. we are already on the middle of the week!
well we just wanted to share with you some thing from our weekend :)

seven pictures to define our weekend!
1. Youth group: we had a great Saturday With the whole youth group, it was Juanfer's birthday so we made him a little party, we can't express how thankful we are for them.
2. Restful time to read and process many things
3. Church time. worship time was A M A Z I N G!
4. The wonderful view from the city at LEANI's house, where we watched the world cup final.
5. We had a mini photo shoot with LEANI after the game ended.
6. That Sunday night we went bowling with our best friends
7. We had so much fun bowling!!! we can say we are blessed in many ways but one of the biggest blessings in our lives are the friends that we get to do life with.

Happy wednesday y'all
xoxo a+a


A day in the beautiful Antigua

On Tuesday Anna had the day off so we wanted to do something fun, so we went to Antigua, the last time we went to Antigua was on August, last year (see post here and here). first we went to the market; mom wanted to by some fruit and so we did. Markets are one of my favorite places ever, seriously, everything about them is so great; all the happy people selling things there, the kids running around everywhere, all the colors, the fresh fruit and vegetables + the flowers ... is just great. then we went walking all over the place, we stopped at a candles shop and the owner was so sweet to us, she even gave us a candle for free; Those kinds of people are the most beautiful, we had a really nice conversation with her and we walk out of that place with big smiles on our faces. we bought handmade candy, we had lunch in the park and at the end we did a short visit to family. 
we left that place feeling very happy and inspired
hope you like the pictures + we wish you a wonderful weekend!
xoxo a+a