Good time

On Friday we went out, Dad was out of the city and we just had a little girls time. The afternoon was beautiful with the perfect weather. McDonald's ice cream is the best so we had some. I love my sisters and my mom so much, they are my bests friends. We had a great time.
xo Andrea


A beautiful afternoon

it's been a beautiful afternoon out here,
the sun is shining and I love watching the sun through the green tress and the fruits of the tress
we are so blessed to have such a beautiful garden
 so far it's been a good day

Quince season is here, we have a tree and we're enjoying it, thank God that the squirrels are not  eating them this year. my mom makes the best quince jelly, is delicious.
Hope your day is been going great
xo Andrea.


Remember when / Family Beach Trip

 This was at the begining of last year.
  January 11th of 2012
All the family together at one place is the best, we rented a house on the beach for the weekend, we had just a wonderful time.

Youth Service

 Sunday at church all the youth was in charge of the whole service! The worship time was awesome, it was such a blessing. we focus on doing it for the Lord and not for the people, and it was so beautiful to see how the Lord used us. there was a little play about salvation, that was really neat too. as we shared on some other post , its been hard with the youth at church for different reasons but it has been so beautiful to see how this year the Lord has done many many amazing things in each of us. we are a more close group , we have bound so much, we see how the Lord is changing us. and that has been such a blessing. everything went perfect at church and all for the Glory of God it was. the Lord has blessed us with such good leaders that seek Him and honor Him. We will forever remember this Sunday. we can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for our group for the rest of the year!
Thank you Jesús.


three more months

Okay! In three more months we are officially out of school! we can't wait to graduate from high school.
It's been a little hard but we are almost done. Time flys and goes by so quickie. We have been homeschooled  for over thirteen years now, and it's been great. We know the Lord has big plans for us next year and we can't wait to see what happens. :)



The second part of our trip was to stay in this beautiful resort! This place is just the best, all the trees are huge and so beautiful. they have like the hotel and then there is two parks that you can go. one is all about water and the other one is about all the mechanic games haha
we love the water park and we had a blast in there! this trip was so special to us because well , we had to share as a family and being all together is the best. we got to see new places and rest for a couple of days. we so needed this, all of us.
til next time IRTRA.



 last week we took a trip to see a little bit of our Guatemala, we left on wednesday and headed over to xela , the road is so beautiful all the mountains surrounding us and all the green and the plantación, we really enjoy the whole car thing when it comes to a beautiful landscape. We walked on the park for a little bit , bought the best bread ever call ¨shecas¨.
and then we drove like 15 minutes to this place call "Fuentes Georginas"  they are thermo sources that eminate from the Zunil volcano and wich flow into the place known today as Fuentes Georginas.it was so amazing to see God´s creation in such a beautiful place.
we had luch there and took of to our final destinación (Retalhuleu) to spend the rest of the trip there.
tomorow we will share the last fhase of the trip.
Happy Monday!
xoxo a+a