Thankful for my family!

The Lord has bless me so much with the family that i have!
over this year they have show me so much love and support. i cannot even express how much that has helped me to overcome this hard year. 
like a month ago i was invited to go on a women's retreat that was hosted by the church that my grandparents go and i said yes. it was such a wonderful weekend learning from the word of God and shearing with lovely women of all ages. one night we had a very sweet moment when they were talking about how much we are loved and how God looks at us with forgiveness, with grace, with mercy, and with so so much LOVE. 
at the end of the talk they handed us a package with our names on them, with cards and letters.
we had a time to read them, everyone was quite and very emotional.  it was the sweetest thing reading the letters that my family wrote me! they were full of words of engorgement, of affirmation, of admiration, of gratitude, of LOVE. i cry as i was reading them. My family are my best friends, my everything, my people, and i have been blessed by having every single one of them in my life. 
thank you Jesus for family!

xo Andrea


In search. Guate// 003. Mercado de Antigua.

oh boy! ... markets are my favorite places ever, and i thing i have said this a couple of times here in the blog but i really can not take it ... they are the best things ever! the Antigua's market is my favorite and since we went today, we thought we will take some pictures and show you. it's about 45 minutes away from where we live, they have the best prices, and the people ... oh the people! even though they don' t have much money or resources, you can see there faces and there attitudes show that they are happy. another thing I love about them is that they are all very hard working people, most of them cultivate their own vegetables, and that's not an easy job, others struggle to get there and sell to provide for their families.
 i think living a simple life is the best.
i also love there beautiful and colorful "Guipiles". This place is inspiring and  it expresses the real Guatemalan culture.
it makes me love my country even more every time i go!
we hope you like it!
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xo Andrea


A perfect weekend!

 we started our weekend with the right foot, we took off to the coffee farm on a family day trip on friday morning.
we stopped to have breakfast, it was delicious.
we love this place so much and because of school and so many things we haven't had the opportunity to go as much as we would like, so it was so nice to go as a family all together and to have friends to show how the project is going, there's so much progress in the Cobain than the last time I say her and I am so excited to bring friends over for a whole weekend to stay.
this past week for me (Anna) personally was so rough, and being able to have my family and friends encouraging me about all of it was the best part of the trip. God is so good that He uses small conversations to uplift you and remind you that there's still hope in this world.
on Saturday night we saw God's Not Dead with the youth group, such a good movie.
on Sunday morning Enid woke us up so that we could all go to have a walk and talk about some things.
Worship was amazing at church yesterday, it was such a privilege to serve and lead the whole church into worshiping the one and only who deserves it.
after church we had lunch with Maria Jose had ice cream for desert + enjoyed our time together.
hope your weekend was perfect just as ours was! 
and let us be thankful to our heavenly father for a new week, and that we may  honer and glorify Him in every thing that we think, say, and do. 

 xoxo a+a

trip to Santa Cruz, Quiche III

a few more iphone pictures from Quiche! 


trip to Santa cruz, Quiche II

We decided to go to the market to see some things and walk around Santa Cruz. After that we went to have lunch at a really delicious restaurant called Rejis.
Santa Cruz is a colorful and a beautiful small town. 
at 4:00 we got to the "Casa de mi Padre" orphanage and spend the rest of the day there, playing with the kids and with the "gringos". Anna accompanied the older kids to the Church for memorization club. 
they came right on time for dinner. We were all very tired but we enjoy the company of the kids!
after dinner we had a short worship time and then a devotional just us and the "gringos" were we all shared our highs and lows about the trip, it was very sweet to hear everything and being encourage by words and specially by what the Lord has been doing in our lifes and in our hearts. 

Quiche, it was wonderful to spend the weekend with your great people and seeing how beautiful you are!
xoxo a+a