I'm thankful to the Lord for letting us have better things ahead of us then any we leave behind!

 Last year as i said before was the hardest year of my entire life, i felt so lost in this world, i felt scared, I felt hopeless and frustrated. I felt like a failure, i felt so so alone, i felt like i was giving my 100% but it was never enough. i felt like i was blind, i couldn't  see where i was going with my life. i felt like i was in a nightmare. like the life i was living wasn't real. it was so hard and for the first six months i will come home and cry for the rest of the day. i felt like time was no passing, i wished for 2014 to go fast and instead it took forever to end.
the last months were no so bad as the first ones, but  i was happy it was coming to an end and i wished for a better year. as i remember last year, all the bad that was in it, I'm also thankful for the thing i got to learn and for those situations that make me grow and mature. I'm thankful for the only one that never left me, the only one that understood me, the only one that could gave me peace in the middle of the storm, the only one...the one and only....my Savior, my Lord, my God, my Jesus. 

And at the beginning of this year i was nervous that it was going to be the same as last one.
i prayed for no more frustration, for no more blindness, for no more loneliness, for hope, for joy...
i believe in the promises that my heavenly father has promised, and specially this year i want to take every single one of them and keep them in my heart and carry them everywhere i go.
i want to live in His truth. 

on January first, i have to admit i wasn't to excited about this year, but after this two weeks I'm pretty excited !!! 2015!!!, a new year, a new chapter, new opportunity's. new adventures, new people, new things.... new everything!
I'm thankful to the Lord for letting us have better thing ahead of us then any we leave behind! 

xo Andrea

Adventures in the City.

 okay so today I did something that I wanted to do for so long.

Walked 5 blocks and stopped by this building, looked up and decided to walked in, whet to the elevator and pushed PH (penthouse) 

No clue what to expect once I got there, but I need it to see the view from up there, the elevator opens and I see this huge PH empty, like a huge salon with absolutely nothing but big windows!

You could see all the city from different angles, 
I was in heaven...and then the guard came to take me out of there, (ntee just kidding!) 
but really it was the best! 
here's to my little adventure of the day.
 xoxo Anna.

Our new years trip // Honduras

we got there on the 27th of December and we stayed at this house with our grandma.
 the next day our little cousins came to stay with us as well at the house and family came to visit in the afternoons. on the 31th all the family was there and we had a blast.
the next day we had a big lunch with more family and that was our last full day there.

 the whole trip was a blast, we got to spent some time with our grandma and with the rest of the family, we love them all so freaking much and we miss them so much. 
as we left on December 2 to El Salvador at 5am in the morning we all cried, its so hard to have our family from my dads side so far away.
 we had so much fun with all of them and we look forward to the next time.
our family in Honduras lives in the mountains so the sunrises where beautiful every day
// Charamuscas: best ice creams ever //
// Posol //
// Lempiras //
Cutes baby ever! 
//Back in Guate//
we made a video through out the whole trip, we will be posting it soon! 
xoxo a+a


New years trip // El Salvador

  hello! we realize we never shared the photos from our new years trip to Honduras. we left the day after Christmas and our first stop was El Salvador, we stayed at a different hotel this year and we discovered a new area in El Salvador called: La Union and we loved it.
the hotel was pretty cool, my favorite part: the pool haha. we ate pupusas on a small town called Conchagua, we also took a 20min drive to the beach the next day and had lunch there too. afterwards we took off and head off to Honduras and then a week later we stoped again there and spend the night in that same hotel to get home the next day. we had a good time there.
 Enjoy the photos :) 

xoxo a+a