City life

What I love and treasure more about being raised the way I did is that I can now live freely, free in Jesus, free in knowing who I am and not being ashamed of anything, knowing what I believe and in who I believe in, living everyday with my convictions as strong as ever!
Being homeschooled was the best thing that could ever happened to me, I now see that all those years at home saved me a lot of trouble in so many ways!
I would never imagine 2 years ago that I would be living in the city without my parents and facing the world the way I am today!
So thankful for God's plan for my life and the way my parents rooted me in the word of God all those years at home ( they still do) because God was preparing me for this time, for this situations, for this life!
This city has made me grow so much and especially in my relationship with Jesus! I see Him daily, in the streets, in the people, in the sky, at work, etc!
HE IS WITH ME ALL DAY LONG and for that I am thankful because if not, this whole city life would be a mess!!!

xoxo Anna


/ Finally some quality time with this girl /

i have been in the city this week and Anna just got here after spending a couple of days at home.
we went to run some errands and then we stooped to have a donut and ice coffee.
I absolutely love every moment we get to spend together, it has been so weird to be apart and just see each other one or two days a week. I miss her so bad, but i enjoy so much the short times we are together... and let's not forget that is extra better when we are eating donuts 😉!
I love you, my best friend!

xo Andrea.


Video Love #4

ok! Hello everybody! We had not share our favorite videos in so long so we thought, why not do it now?
so here they are. all of them are so good and we hope you enjoy them.

Go Forth! from Wade on Vimeo.

happy Saturday!
xoxo a+a 



Dear August, we hope you will be wonderful.
We hope you will be full of joy and much more.
We are excited to finish some things and start new ones.
We are hoping to experience new things,
 and smile throughout all of your days.

xo Anna and Andrea