like three weeks ago our parents took us to panajachel to spend a couple of days there. it was the most wonderful thing to spend time together and also enjoy this gorgeous place. the weather was more that perfect!
we went on a boat ride and we stopped in a little beach and swim on the lake, then we went to San Antonio Palopo and then to Santa Catarina for lunch.

xoxo a+a


 isp Conference was wonderful. the first week the conerence took palce here in the City and the next week we went to Zacapa. 

 the weather was great, it was warm but perfect.

Such a good expirience!
xoxo Andrea


UNIS fashion week// day two

the second day was crazy! it was so much fun to be in backstage and watch everything from that perspective. I was able to take lots of pictures so here are some, enjoy.

xo Andrea