Okay I am going to share some of the things that I am excited for this weekend + things that happened this week that I am so thankful that the weekend its here!!
1) we had exams this week and I could not be more happy that it is all over.
2) Andrea and my Dad are off to Quiche for the weekend so its just me and my Mom for the weekend.
3) youth is here in our house tomorrow
4) church on Sunday
5) on Monday will be 2 weeks before Enid gets on a plane and comes home , can´t wait to see her.
its been a really long time since the last time I felt that the weekend was going to be good , school has been so hard the last couple of months that is really hard to enjoy the weekends because there is always something else to do . But this one I am just going to try to enjoy it as best as possible , watch as many movies or tv shows as I can , enjoy the time with my mom, have fun with friends , enjoy church and pray that the next week will be a good one.
Happy Weekend y'all

Family night out ...

last night we went for some family time.. we went for dinner to country pizza .
we are blessed to have this family :) we spend some time walking and talking about pretty much everything . sometimes is nice to just go out and get away from home and see new places and share as a family !! :)
Anna and Andrea


Sunday Lunch

 hey hey !! yesterday we went for lunch to Hard Rock Cafe ... I mean it just came to Guatemala !! YEAH . it was so much fun and there was live music + good company , we love this friends of ours so much , anyways we hope you had a great weekend , we have a long week ahead of us so Happy Monday .
xoxo A+A


Family lunch + how much we love our Mom

Today we had a family lunch to celebrate the 4 mom's in  the family. We eat outside in the garden and eat good food.
We are so grateful and thankful for the Mother that the Lord gave us, she is the best mom in the whole wide world. she is a women who is always looked and asked God for wisdom to be able to guide us in His way.
 She is full of life and light.
 She is always happy and grateful for everything.
She is a genius, she really is! 
everything she does she does it the best that she can.
She is super smart and always motivates, inspires and encourages people around her.
We have a beautiful, gorgeous, lovely,awesome, marvellous mother.
Mom we Love you to the moon and back.
Your example is the best and every day we are grateful for your life, love, patience, dedication, etc..
Mom ohh Dear mom: thank you for all that time that you dedicate us since we where little,
thank you for saying no to some things, to stay with us,
 thank you for being the best teacher,
 for those long days of school right next to us,
 for always encourages us to do whats right and what honors our God.
with so much love Anna and Andrea

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there in the world, may God bless you :) 

Mother's Day !!

Mothers day here in Guatemala was Friday so decided to go to the farm with some friends to have lunch and spent the day together, we left early in the morning and went for breakfast with our mom and then drove there, we had a good lunch and then we left for a walk, here is where we took all the pictures :) it was a pretty good day, we enjoyed it a lot, in the afternoon they left and we spent the night.
we are super thankful to the Lord for letting us have a place to go and get away from this crazy city and for friend like the Pinzon's . Happy Mothers Day Mom we love you .
P.S: we will write another post just for her
xoxo Anna and Andrea.


Labor Day

yesterday was labor day here in Guatemala so everyone has the day off at work , we met with our friends  at this beautiful new place, here near our house , we had lunch together and walk a lot. the salads were amazing as you can tell from the picture , it was a yummy lunch with good company. after that our parents when to have coffee at our place and we went to the movies .it was fun  


An unforgettable week

"This week" how can we describe this week?, it was stressful, overwhelming, inspiring, tired, fun  and unpredictable... a mix of everything.
On Sunday a man from church who works for a foundation called fh (food for the hungry) here in Guatemala, ask my mom if we could help him to translate from English to Spanish at a workshop. A man from Cambodia was coming to give this workshop to train  persons from Peru, Bolivia, Republica Dominican, Nicaragua and obviously Guatemala, there was ten people and his problem was that at last minuet the translator that they already had, she had some emergency and she could not be there. So we said yes. Anna took Tuesday and Wednesday and I did Thursday and Friday .
ohh so where to begin, they gave us a Little previews so that we could now what was it about and everything but it. when Anna first show up there and started, it was not what we thought. it was way way more difficult than what they told us . they where terms that we didn´t understood at all , its kind of crazy that they thought we could do a good job, or just thinking that we where capable of translating such  a difficult workshop. but now that it's over we always know that the Lord used us to do what we could and be a good help to the leader who was in charge .That first day that Anna went she came home crying because come on! you feel bad that you can't do what they ask you to do , so we talk to the person that ask us to do the job and told him that we were not able to do it and that we where sorry but we just couldn't. He obviously understood because  yeah it was so hard , as I said in the beginning it was super stressful and overwhelming , but then they put us to do different things and we where able to have fun a little bit + help a lot + we know that this experience will help us in the end at some point in your lives , we may not know now but it will in the future :) so we are so thankful for that
so by the end of the week we felt happy and relieved  that this whole thing was over and that the weekend was here , ohh my, we had the greatest weekend ever !!
 on Saturday night we had a prayer service at church , it was such a blessing. we felt the presence of the Lord moving in us + an amazing night of fellowship.
on Sunday we had a beautiful service at church, the worship was beautiful too , we feel so blessed to be part of this church and this community , we love this church family of ours.

 and after church was Maco´s birthday, so he invited the whole youth group for lunch at his house. we had a blast, we love all this people and we are so thankful for them.
and finally to end it!! we went to leani's house and watch "The Host" twice , yes you are right twice, we just had to, it's such a cool and amazing movie.
SO we are very thankful for this week , we will remember it forever
xoxo a+a