a saturday afternoon

I have absolutely no idea why this Saturday afternoon has been so calm and lazy , i have been thinking so much this afternoon , like they are a million of thoughts crossing my mind right now as i am writing this post , i guess is because i have nothing left to do . 

oh my this week has been so so so long !!! well i can´t believe that my mom gets home in just 2 more days but  for that part the week has gone so fast  but for the rest has not :(
we have finals next week and we have been studying all week long (  we have try to study ) we haven´t done anything cool or fun or you know something exciting , we have been all the week here at home and that for us is sad (bummer)
i have absolutely no idea where i am going with this post 
sorry for that 
but seriously i have so much in my mind right now that i don´t know how to write it down 
i think sometimes is just better if i just say what i want to say right ? right ?  i´am right ? 
i want to say that i am sick and i feel sleepy right now ( i think that is why this post is not making any sense haha )
i want to say that i can´t wait for Monday to come , my mom gets home finally !!! woop woop 
i want to say that i am so bless to have an amazing father that has taken the roll of my mom the last month 
i want to say that i miss my long hair so much :( ( i donated my hair 4 months ago )
i want to say that i am dying for a donut right now
i want to say that i am so happy that another year of school has gone by ( 5 more days and we are officially on vacation for the rest of the year )
i want to say that i love weekends , but not this one 
i want to say that i love my sister Andrea so much , she is my best friend and she is just so amazing and awesome . ( love ya sister )
i want to say that i haven´t been doing my devotionals , ahh i feel so bad because of that, i promise i would and i haven´t , i know that i don´t have any excuse for that but ohh boy  i really need to bring back my time with the Lord , please pray for me !!!
i want to say that i love blogging , i really do 

and i want to say that i love you so much for reading this :) 
Love Anna 


Things we love about this week

hey everyone !! here are the things that we love about this week :

1. our messy closet

2. cereal for breakfast
3. helping people to pain there house
4. the music that is sounding in my ipod 
5. working in school together
6. a mocca frappe
7. my wrist
8. dinner with family at the best place with the best hamburgers ever

we hope that you had a great week and we wish you an awesome weekend , have a blast with your friends and family and those around you :) see ya Monday people 

Happy Friday ... xoxo Anna and Andrea



so last week we made a post about one goal to accomplish during the week and it was about doing five posts last week , we try ,but as you already know we didn´t make it we fail !! but we also learn something about that and it is that blogging should be fun and natural is not supposed to be a pressure  and sometimes you take it that way, like " we NEED to do a post today !! " but you don´t need to ( well if you haven´t post for a month maybe you need to haha ) but we don´t need to post every single day of the week . blogging is about expressing ourselves and be us and just a way to share our lives and there are moments when we take it so seriously and blogging should be fun and just a way to relax , is our hobby !!so yes we didn´t made our goal but learn that blogging is not about pressure . is about having fun and enjoying this community :)

so we are not going to post every single day , we are just going to post when we feel like it an that would be like 3 or 4 posts a week ... we love blogging and we are so happy to do it :)


Getaway weekend Day II

 Happy Monday everyone! Here is the second day of our Getaway Weekend, if you miss the first  Here it is. We are so blessed to have a place like this for just go and relax and spend some family time :) This place it a coffee farm an it belongs to our grandparents and it's so beautiful. 
 This day (September 11th) was our independence day here in Guatemala,(did we ever mention we live in Guatemala ? well we do) this country is incredibly beautiful and we love living here, so that day the village over there did like a mini parade.
Monday! I love Monday's because I look back on the things i did the week before and it is exciting to see what will happen this new week.

xo Andrea


Thoughts of the week

this week has been a little bit stressful and busy and full of so many things to do
we haven´t been home so much and that sometimes is really stressful, being in the city could be so tired for the most part but still we enjoyed .
we haven´t done school as much as we should
and being in control of the house is so hard
the thing is i have been so lost and disconnected about my relationship with the Lord
i haven´t done my devotional all week long and that's why i have been so frustrated and discourage and not in a good mood :(
life without him is not life
he is the giver of life and he deserves every thing from us
our time
our gifts
our life 
He puts us in this world to live for him, to honor Him and to know Him more and more every day that we could inspire others and make them believe in Him , not to be stress or frustrated for things that don´t mean anything to him things that yes sometimes are hard but we don´t have to let them win and brigs us down
but if we are not connected to the Lord and with His word how could that not happen ? it can´t
we have to be so strong in him and in his word so that doesn´t happen and how we do that ?
well reading our bible and lessening to his voice ...

as i am right now reading this verse the lord just spoke to my heart :

 This is what  the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
" In repentance and rest is your salvation,
  in quietness and trust is your strength "
                                     Isaiah 30:15.

that is exactly what the lord calls me to do right now
to rest in him and trust in his word and leave all those things that put me down behind me
this week i have been so stress for things that don´t deserve to much though and just be in rest and trust is Him every single minute of the day .

I've been so disconnected from the Lord this week that I've realized that life is nothing without him and not worth living that way for sure !!

so i am going to make a commitment today :
that i will spent more time with the Lord and His word this new week coming
because he give me this life to be happy and with joy and peace and most importantly



Getaway weekend Day I

so here are the pictures of our first day of vacation last week !!
we had so much fun with our family and hey look at this place ... is so amazingly beautiful ,is like a paradise for sure , is so peaceful and those trees oh my they kill me they are so tall tall tall and  there leaves are so perfect . anyways we had a blast and it was a great time spent with our family !!
P.S : more pictures about our day 2 coming soon 

xoxo  Anna


three exciting things

hello there !! how was you weekend ?
our weekend was pretty awesome , we can´t wait to show you the pictures tomorrow :)
monday wow we are starting a new week and we are going to share with you 3 excititing things that are that are going to make us go through this week with joy and they are going to keep us smiling all week long :) so here they are :

 We are just 20 days away from finishing shcool !! woohooo ... we are so excited that we are almost done with shcool for the rest of the year , wow this year has gone so fast

 our mom is getting home in just two more weeks , we know that two weeks is still a lot but three weeks have gone by, so just two sounds like pretty much less... we just can´t wait to have her back

and  the third thing that we are excited about is that we have a goal !! we are going to do 5 post´s this week  ahhh isn´t that exciting ? we have been  trying to do it but things comes in our way and boom we fail ... but this week we are going to make it happen and if we made it we are going to celebrate like BiG TiMe for sure
so wish us luck :)

Happy Monday you all , xoxo Anna and Andrea .