we took our precious friend frinne out for breakfast this morning! her birthday was on Thursday and we wanted to celebrate with her. she is so beautiful and sweet.
we eat at this pretty cool restaurant, and walked around the place.
a perfect morning. 
we love you frinne!
xoxo a+a


Today at the Moder Art Museum. the teacher on my language class took us there to make a test, we had to pick one artwork we liked and write about it and see what was the meaning behind the artwork.
i took some pictures from of favorites pieces.
xoxo Andrea.


Rainy afternoon

Yesterday it rained and what better than put on my rain boots, open up my umbrella, pick up the camera and go out to take pictures and enjoy the rain. it was a lovely afternoon and the pictures turned out so great as well. hope you had a good day. I sure had a great one.
xoxo Andrea.


10 goals for the week//

this morning when i was in the car listening to music I thought about some goals for this new week and later in the day when I was walking on my way home I thought about some other goals, so here we GO:

1. drink water
2. try to do some exercise
3. study hard for my exams
4. focus on whats important
5. wake up 15min early to read my bible
6. love others no matter what
7. eat healthy
8. do everything the best that I can
9. smile a lot
10. be thankful for every little thing that happens during every day

Happy Monday everyone!
xoxo Anna.

May first!

on thursday May first is labor day here in guatemala so we went with some friends for a day trip to the farm! the cabin is going great, is almost ready! we had an amazing lunch and unfortunately it rained all the time but still it was beautiful! at the end we prayed and asked for Gods blessing to this place, we head home afterwards. we are so thankful for the friends that we have, they have helped us so much in this project and we see Gods hand in all of this! :)
xoxo a+a