Weekeand vacation !!

We went on vacation this weekend , we went to a beautiful resort with our Friends and Family we had so much fun and we are so thankful with the Lord for letting us have that time of rest , and also for bringing us safe back home !!
Happy Week to you all .


First Post!!!

Hi you all! We are Andrea and Anna,and we are twins,we are homeschooled.
We are so happy to show you a part of our lives in this blog.
We both love the Lord and want to be an example to all the people around us,we want to SHINE BRIGTH.

Anna:I love to cook,play gitar,drink with a straw,and have fun with friends and family.

Andrea:I love fashion,donuts,white,blogs,movies,my family and everbody.

We are happy you are here and we hope you enjoy it.