life latelly

Life... Life..... Life

we are just 2 months away to the year to end oh my goodness it has gone so fast!
life right now consists in:

Anna: I get out of school on December 11th so I still have 3 more weeks to go, I can`t wait for this year of school to be over, I can`t do it anymore. haha. so for now my routine is basically the same, walking around the city taking pictures, going to classes, getting together with friends while I can. I go home all weekends to see my family and friends, etc. this week my grandparents left early to the farm so that meant 2 #homealone nights for me, but on Thursday I came home with the surprise that Andrea was spending the night with me! it was a huge relief!!! we walked to the DD near the house and had some coffee and a nice chat! + Heading home right now to have an amazing weekend! woot woot.

my thought right now: "JUST THREE MORE WEEKS ANNA!

Andrea: last week a finish my second semester, and i thought that was it for the year but no, i still have to take an statistics class. and i will be finally done with school for this long year in two weeks.
life has been okay for me this past month, nothing big has happened. but i have to mention I'm very thankful for two things. number one: i feel very lucky to be able to study what i like, i think until now i have found the beauty of studying fashion Design. I'm excited for the year to come and be able to be a great designer. and number two: i have wanted to get away from the house and find a distraction, like running, waking or doing some kind of exercise and this week i remember we have a really nice bike that we abandon a few years ago. so a decided to take it out and ride it. it just felt perfect, feeling the wind on my face and music on my ears...ohhh...nothing better. So I'm happy i found my thing... riding my bike.
oh and you know what the best part? the bike is white. hahaha :)

my thought right now: "RELAX, DON'T WORRY,  LIFE IS GOING TO BE OKAY"
oh and " JUST SMILE"

Hope you are doing more than fine! and wherever you are, we just thank you for reading.
Happy Weekend.
xoxo a+a



guys last week I was able to go to Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango for the ISP conference.
Andrea and I have worked in this conferences before and we absolutely love them! 
this year I was the only one able to go because Andrea was busy with school. But it was fun because Maco and Gloria where invited too, so I was not alone, haha.
if you read one of our ISP posts before you know that they come to equip teacher off all levels in how to use a curriculum based on the bible, teaching them values and moral. 
the whole experience was life changing, from hearing the speakers, to seeing teachers come to Christ + some interpreters too. God worked in my life in many ways and oh my, He is doing something big in this place and in all Guatemala too. 
so blessed to be able to be part of an amazing team who does all this for our country.
+ I was able to know this amazing people who now I can call friends and brothers and sisters in Christ! Thank You JESUS for allowing me to serve you where you had pleased me.
xoxo Anna.

hippie surprise party!

on November 9th we celebrated Enid's birthday with a surprise party with all our friends.
we planned the whole thing for a month and we where so excited that day to see her reaction!
it was after church and everybody dress up like hippies. we had a blast, she was so happy and thrilled. after having lunch we made a bonfire, haha a last minute thing to add to the party.
we are so thankful for the good friends we have and for having them in our lives.
Enid we love you and Happy 21th, sister! you are the best!!!

xo a+a


video LOVE #2

 a love this video of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala made by Zach Fackrell

this is very cool, so cool, and i'm very excited for the up coming ones.
well done Jacks Gap!!!

The Devine's are such a beautiful little family, they both are videographers for haugen creative.
this is a video of there react tip to Italy. Make sure to fallow them on Instagram and check up there blog.

we have loved every single one of London and Beth's videos. they have travel to so many places all around the world and this is there recent trip to Italy with there sweet little Bronson. see more of their videos here.

Hannah Meggs is a make up artist, mammy and beauty blogger. she and her husband have a youtube channel where they document their little and beautiful family.

this video is called Tell Me What You See from Andy Ryan Flores. I love the cinematography of it and the message is beautiful.

and the last one is called " A letter"  from FreePeople

hope you love videos as much as i do, and enjoy this one's.
xoxo Andrea



Fiambre, oh boy! it's a Guatemalan tradition that we do on november first. the whole family get's together and eat this delouses meal. this year was very special because our good friend, Cindy join us and she enjoy trying it for the first time. all of the beautiful colors from this plate make me happy.
And yes, we are already on November!!! we are very excited for this month,
happy November to you all!!
xox a+a

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