here are the photobooth pictures from Enid´s party
hope they are not to many 

xoxo Anna and Andrea 



Do you remember about my trip? okay this is really happening!!!  I leave today!!! I can not express how excited I am for this trip. I am happy and excited about what God is going to teach me during those six weeks 
Today i say goodbye to my family and tomorrow i say Hi to my second family there. 
xo Andrea.


Enid´s Party

so as we said on this post and this one too our sister graduation was this past weekend
so we made her a party to celebrate and it was a total hit !!
we love you so much Enid :) 
Congrats Sis 
P.S : photo booth pictures coming soon 
Happy Monday you all :)


a few things ...

1. Yesterday was our sisters graduation !!! We are so so proud of her and happy For her too, love you Enid !!! You rock ;)

2. Today we are having a party for her ;) ( some pictures next week )

3 and one last thing !! Andrea leaves on Tuesday just 3 more days !!!

So this are the 3 things that are making our weekend so busy and excited !!! 

Hope you all are having a great weekend 
xoxo Anna and Andrea 


exciting things to come !!

We have been so bless so much this past years 
the Lord has done so many amazing things in our lives 
He has change us , He had made us better and He has fill our lives .
so we will share our story's 

so last year we ( my family and i ) prayed for a family that could have me for my vacations ( from October to January ) 3 months where i could have an experience away from home , where i could learn the English more and to just have fun , we prayed that year and the Lord give me the best one :) our friend Cindy was the contact to this family ,
the Burch family where the chosen one
the one God headed for me
so on October 10th of 2011 i was standing by myself in an airport waiting for my flight and for an adventure to start
i have no words to describe those 3 months

ohh wait i didn´t tell you where !! did i ?? no ha well the picture says it all
that was where God put me ,
i am beyond thankful with the Burch family for having me in there home and teach me so many great things and with Jesus for giving me that gift
one of the things i prayed in that year was to have a really good youth group while i was wherever God wanted me and He give the BEST YOUTH GROUP EVER
He give those friends that i really need it
those who love the lord so much and what to live for him
i found my Best Friend there ( love you BECCA )
He bless me so much and i got to know him more
during those three months God became
not my parents not my sisters not my friends
MINE  and only My GOD
that is when i actually started having a relationship with Him
where my life began :)
so one year latter i am going back to FLORIDA 
our friend Cindy Braswell invited me this year for one month !!!
last year i got to spend with her a week and we got so close
so this year she invited me
i am so happy and excited for this opportunity
for what the LORD will do in my life
for what He has for me
so so so so excited !!! :)
and i will get to see some friend while i am there and spend some time with my best friend and her family ,
thanks you God for this amazing gift that are giving me

so the 4th of November i will be leaving my dear Guatemala and take off to Florida until the 11th of December !!! i could not be more happy and blessed :)
xoxo Anna

Okay I think is my turn right? 
 Sens the beginning of last year, my family and I we prayed for another family, I  family who love the Lord,who would like to have me in there home, who can take care of me for 3 months
and so he did, He provided for that perfect family for me, the Bretz family. He gave me more that I could imagine. I can't exprece how it feels to know that the Lord is in control of everything and to know that you're doing the right thing, he showed me THROUGH people and things that happened that He wanted me to take that trip and that's what He did. He gave me The privilege of being able to travel to ...... Indiana
So on the 10th of October of 2011 I left my family and little did I know that I was gonna find my second family there.
I found myself in the middle of a new country. new people, new language, but with a purpose.
I believe the Lord does everything for a reason, and I can not doubt that this trip was with purpose also. 
That trip was to get to know him better, to meet people who loved him, to serve the family that I was staying with. I had the great privilege of meeting amazing people who inspired me to love the Lord more and I am so thankful for that trip and for all the things that a learned.

And this year the Bretz family has invited me again and all i could say is "THANK YOU LORD AND THANK YOU BRETZ FAMILY" 
and once again I see God in all this. He has blessed me with such beautiful and generous people.
The Lord is so GOOD.

So on the 30th of this month (in 6 days)  I'm going to find myself  at the airport waiting for my plane to take me to a great adventure and all with a purpose. 
xo Andrea.


Weekend at Antigua

Hi you all! wow can't believe it is already Tuesday. We have been really busy over here, our older sister it's graduating from preschool teacher this Friday and on Saturday we are making a party for her, there is a lot of things that we need to prepare and think about, her party theme it's about TEACHERS. We are all so excited for this weekend.

 Now lets talk about last weekend. It was too incredible.On Friday morning we went to a beautiful old city called Antigua, which is about two hours from our house.. This city it's so lovely and we love going there, we had a good time with my family and with our best friend. The food is delicious, the weather is perfect,the people are too nice and all you can do while you are there it's smile and enjoy.We also spent the night there with some relatives( they are the sweetest ) We went to the market on Saturday morning, wow the market there it's sooo much FUN. was incredible to see so many people selling lots of fruit and vegetables and flowers ohh my!! There were a ton of different flowers.

I just can get enough of this beautiful place.
When I was there watching that old city and just looked old houses and churches, which have been there for centuries, the only thing I thought about was the love of the Lord, His love will always be the same and it will never change. And though the years and centuries passed, and each year we get older and older Hi will NEVER EVER CHANGE. Isn't that amazing? 
Never forget that.
Here are some pictures we took, enjoy.

xo Andrea.