Random pics!

this are some random pictures from this past week! 
happy sunday.

In search / GUATE

Hello everyone! We are very happy and excited to star this new series called In search / Guate.  this is to show you our Guatemala. we will be searching for creative, inspiring, colorful and beautiful places.
Join us in the search!!! :)


city living

Guatemala city is just so beautiful! last week we took a walk with my grandparents to go to the mall for some treats! living here in the city has been such an adventure, I take the bus every morning to get to culinary school and its so beautiful to see how the sun rises and all the cars moving, the big buildings and the people walking in the street (yes sometimes its overwhelming), right now all the trees are blooming and its breathtaking, the weather is amazing, a little bit to hot for me but its so nice! 
I am really happy to be living here!
i love you my dear guate!
xoxo Anna 


yesterday was a good sunday :) we have a new hammock and we are loving + enjoying it so 
much. the weather is perfect here and we are spending a lot of our time in our back yard. Elyette, our cousin is a funny girl and we love spending time with her.

// Smile is happiness//

have a wonderful week and remember to smile + laugh as much as you can. life is beautiful and we have so many thing to be grateful for.
much love a + a


Friday, you were good to me!

on Friday I went to Cayala with my dearest friend Ruth! we had a long week at collage so on Friday  we decided to go out, her friendship has been such an amazing blessing for me, it feels like I have known her forever, we share our love for Christ and our big passion for gastronomy , she is such a joy! we eat at this amazing cafe/restaurant call Saul E Mendez. we had a delicious nutella frappe with a crepe (it was so so good) and then we came home and watch a movie. it was a great Friday :)
xoxo Anna.
I love you so much Girl//