our thoughts

Hey guys !! As we think about this blog , to many things comes to our minds and we just think that is a way that we can express ourselves and our own space and to inspire others too. we are 2 girls that want to live a life that honors God and we do our best to to it but sometimes is hard and we get discouraged  but is so awesome how the Lord put us like sisters and twins. that we have eachother for everything  !! so this our little blog about our lives and our own thoughts and our way to extress ourselves :)

Xoxo Anna & Andrea 

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Things I need to do

 Hey there guys !!
one of this days as I was reading my Bible with the prayer plan from #shereadstruth I started thinking about my life and the things I have to do more like pray more, that thing has been on my mind for days. I have to spend more time reading my bible and praying , as I think about my future and the decisions that are coming in the years ahead I think about that that I have to pray more and be more connected to the Lord so that I can know His will and listen to His voice when He calls me to do something for Him ,so here is a list of things that I NEED to do :

Pray more and Read His Word more
Be happy and enjoy every day and every minute of it 
I need to be more connected to the Lord 
Smile more
I need to be more thankful fore everything, even the small things
I need to inspire others
encourage others 
I need to live a life that honors God 
Believe that He can do the Imposible 
Trust in His Word . 

 happy Friday to you all. Hooray it is Friday !! It has been a really long week for me so I am really happy and excited is friday.

xoxo Anna 


You're my best friend

 A few days ago, we did a project. It was so fun. we got so inspired , so we spent all afternoon in our schoolroom
We (Anna and I) do everything together,we understand each other,we share the same thoughts, we talked about the things we like and the things we don't, we laugh and cry together and we encourage each other. I consider her my best friemd. She is an incredible sister and friend. Love you so much Anna, YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND.

Hope you like the photos. xoxo Andrea.


Rainy Day

I love rainy days
they are so inspiring and love being home when it rains, is so cozy and warm
It makes me clean my room , see movies with popcorn and Hot chocolate , but this one was different (  yes I did clean my room ) my mom made us cinnamon rolls and we eat blackberries.
I don't know why but when it rains it gives me an awesome feeling , is like I just want to grab a book and read or write as many thoughts I have on my mind.
So here are some photos from our rainy day !

Xoxo Anna.


Friday part II

Hey guys how are you all ? happy start of the week !!
ok so here is the second part of our amazing friday , we went too  "BODY WORLDS" Museum with our family and some friends. It was so amazing to see how the Lord created us and see how our body works. God is so amazing.

And after that we went to dinner at "Margherita" it was delicious, they have the best pizza.
Hope you have a great Week!!! xoxo Anna and Andrea.


Friday Part I

Hey you guys !!
Yesturday we went for lunch to this amazing place , is so delicious , we love it , it is like our favorite place to go as a Family . It was like a crazy friday , we did so many cool stuff but we will talk more about it on monday.
                     Happy weekend !!


Anna's Post + life lately

 making dinner

This past week we ( Andrea , my older sister and me ) went to a youth camp, it was so amazing, was a little scary because we did not know the group at all, it was from a diferent church. But when we got there was so nice, everyone was so frindly and when we went there was so nice, we got to meet them really fast and we became friends with the group so fast, so it was amazing .
The theme of the camp was: Metamorphosis 
it was about how we need to let go of the old self and be transform in to  the new self.

 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put onthe new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:22-24

It was so challenging !!  one of the sermons really captured my heart :

Think about what you're thinking

What should be in my mind ?

a) Truth.
Are you in the truth ?

b) Honesty and Integrity.
Do you speak in righteousness ?

c) Purity.
Have you left the impurity ?

d) Thoughts worthy of praise.

These questions are very good because I put much thought into my life right now , where is my mind right now ? and I know there is battle in my mind right now between God and the devil .
my mind is the center of operations, it defines your personality, your character, and your way of living your life . So what you put in it is what is going to come out . This past little phrase is so important  and so true !! 
I what to live my life like Jesus did and how I am going to do that if my mind is not in Him ? only puting His word 
 in my mind and be more connected with Him . 
So I want to live a life that honors God with every little thing I do and think .

Happy Monday !!

xoxo Anna !!