Things I need to do

 Hey there guys !!
one of this days as I was reading my Bible with the prayer plan from #shereadstruth I started thinking about my life and the things I have to do more like pray more, that thing has been on my mind for days. I have to spend more time reading my bible and praying , as I think about my future and the decisions that are coming in the years ahead I think about that that I have to pray more and be more connected to the Lord so that I can know His will and listen to His voice when He calls me to do something for Him ,so here is a list of things that I NEED to do :

Pray more and Read His Word more
Be happy and enjoy every day and every minute of it 
I need to be more connected to the Lord 
Smile more
I need to be more thankful fore everything, even the small things
I need to inspire others
encourage others 
I need to live a life that honors God 
Believe that He can do the Imposible 
Trust in His Word . 

 happy Friday to you all. Hooray it is Friday !! It has been a really long week for me so I am really happy and excited is friday.

xoxo Anna 

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