today was nice to wake up late and have breakfast in the backyard! the sun is up and shining and the weather is just amazing. made my self a cup of tea and hang up in the hammock. I love it, is just so peaceful to lay down and see those beautiful trees and there beautiful branches. life lately is been crazy and when I say crazy I really mean it, everyone is on there own thing and we ae all trying to adjust and get used to our different schedules  and it has been rough. last week I spent it at my grandparents house in the city, I take the bus and go to culinary school from there, and life there is not as peaceful or calm as it is here. anyways it feels so good to be relaxing for a little bit today and getting some work done for tomorrow!
life is changing and believe me is super exciting for all of us but we are trying to take it all in day by day and just enjoy this whole process!
happy monday friends.
xoxo Anna.


bowling with the family

it has been so long sens we haven't been bowling, so on the first Saturday of the year we went with the whole family for our grandma's birthday. it was such a fun activity to do with everyone. we all enjoyed it so much. it was an amazing saturday celebrating our lovely, beautiful grandma. 


hey you all! we are back! after taking a break from blogging we are Finlay here. it has really felt like forever. we have not had Internet, and our lives are becoming a little crazy, so it was a bit hard to post something here. oh boy! were to begin with this. on the 6th of January I (Andrea) started collage, Anna stared the 15th. our lives have change so much and we really feel like January is going so fast. we have been so busy and as a family we have had to adjust to so many new things, but we have been fine, trusting in the Lord and trying to enjoy the proses of this new life. haha btw, it's been very cold here in Guatemala. we will try to share with you all what has  happened during this past weeks, but for now happy Wednesday! xo a+a


Hello 2014!

Happy new year! 2013 was such a beautiful year, full of so many great things. the Lord did great things in our lives and in our family and we are more than thankful. we are so trilled to start this year and star new things. this 2014 will be a different one for us. Anna is going to culinary school and I will hopefully be in the university studying fashion design. we are excited and we can't wait to share so many more memories here in our little blog.
much love Anna + Andrea