as we said on sunday we went on vacation this week! The Ramos family invited us to spend with them 3 days on this beautiful resort call "IRTRA" we have been there so many times and we don't get tired of it! everything about the trip was perfect! they as a family are simply awesome...
we are so thankful to have amazing friends like them! and do life with them. here are some pictures from our time there. Enjoy!
xoxo a+a


see ya!

we are off for a few days to go on vacations with friends and family! we are so excited + looking forward to fun times + adventures + to make memories for a life time!
happy week everyone.
see ya
xoxo a+a

Birthday Breakfast for Mom!

today was Mom's birthday. we made her breakfast in the porch, Enid made this beautiful big card with pictures of every phase of her life, it was beautiful!
we eat some pretty delicious food + the morning was perfect with the light and weather.
we are so grateful for having such a wonderful, marvelous, incredible, Godly women in our lives.
she is a gift from the Lord and she is constantly inspiration us to seek God's word.
we love you Mom and we thank you for every thing you do for us. May the Lord bless you so you may continue blessing other!
 xoxo a+a


Happy 3 years!!!

today marks 3 years since we started this little blog,
we can't believe time has gone so fast and it feels that just like that it's 3 years now.
since we first began to know about blogs and started following a few of them, our eyes where open to a new thing,
in less than a month we became obsessed with reading blogs,
it was a resource of inspiration, new ideas, brands, photography, etc.
one of the things that has always been in our minds is how amazing it is that every single human being has a story, a story to tell.
God has giving us that story.
and for all this and more we decided on 2012 start our own!
the idea of doing this since day 1 is to document our lives, our pictures, our thoughts + try to inspire others to live to the fullest 
remember we only get one life!

this past 3 years have been amazing in so many ways!
so Happy 3 years dear blog! 

xoxo a+a