lovely weekend

we made a short trip to the farm last Sunday and came back on Monday night. we wanted to take a good family friend that visit us form the States, and show her the coffee farm. we spend a lovely time with her and with the family. the three of us and our cousin stayed at our cabin, waking up in that place was magical.


In search.Guate//004 Caoba Farms

a couple of weeks ago we went to this place call "Caoba farms
its a farm where they have all different kinds of vegetables, 
I had a culinary competition a few weeks ago and this is one of the places my ingredients came from, we visit it.  and its beautiful, all the big fields and the plantations are stunning, 
they mostly work with baby vegetables and they do everything organic, from fruits to seeds, 
they have all kinds of things and is actually pretty cheap. 
one of the things that I bought here to use in my dish was the flowers, and let me tell you, 
they are soooo beautiful, so happy I found them here. anyways its a pretty cool place to check out if you happened to be here in Guate. 

xoxo Anna.


life from His eyes

we want different things in life, we dream, we want and wish. 
life is a weird thing, life is a blessing, is a gift form the Lord, is an opportunity, it's easy to understand but hard at the same time, we make it so complicated when it is so simple.
God has a plan, a perfect one, for each human alive in this earth. 
He created this beautiful and georges place for us, to enjoy, to admire, to live, to breath, to see His wonders, to see how perfect He is, to see His love, to be THANKFUL. 
He loves us more than anything or anyone.
He wants us close to Him, so we can hear His voice, hear very closely to His soft, sweet, loving voice, so He can show us the way, the way to a joyful, peaceful, fulfilling, perfect life.
all we need to do is say no to us and yes to Him, so that we search no more for things to make us happy and satisfies but get closer to our Creator for He is the one that can fulfil our thirsty  and empty heart. it's simple, He is close, He is waiting for us with open arms. 

we were meant to be with him, in His presence, worshiping, and bringing Him glory, all the time,
now we no longer see from our eyes, but in His,  for now we are his, we no longer live for our selves but for him. our dream are no longer ours, our wishes are no longer ours, we belong to Him. 

we are now waiting patently, by his side, with faith and attentively hearing to His voice so He can show us the way every day.
and now we need to be obedient to His voice.

xo Andrea. 



it has been a good day today! my life has been pretty much great these days, but i feel like i haven't shared so much in this blog so here are some thing that I'm doing lately

reading: El hombre light from Enrique Rojas, it's for one class from the university and it's actually very good.
loving: baby's. i don't know, but they are so perfect and when ever i see a picture on IG, Fb or a baby in real person i totally freak out and want to squash there cheeks.
watching: the new and final season of Parenthood. seriously it's my favorite show ever, it also a bit sad because it's there last season.
enjoying: the rain and trying to find the love for coffee.
planning: on remodeling my bedroom, i want it all white.
craving: to try the ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
missing: doing exercise and specially yoga, oh boy i miss it so much.
feeling: very calm, school it's not so hard and i'm having more time to do other things.
inspired: by pinterest, i could spend hours there.
excited: about christmas.
listening: to find love by Prince of Spain. 
thankful: for friends and my church family.
thinking: of cutting my hair.
trying: the diagonal nails

what have you been up to?
happy Wednesday people!
xoxo Andrea


life lately

guys life lately has been really fun.
1. Girl time
2. said goodbye to this amazing couple for 3 weeks
3. God is doing amazing things in our youth group
4. afternoon with our dear friend Ruth
5. #fromwhereistand
6. tienda
7. Feria Alimentaria
8. beautiful tree
9. sky
10. our beautiful cousin Elyette
11. pool party with the youth group
12. yummy donut
13. okay now this picture means alot to me, not only because this are the most amazing people ever but because God is so good by giving me the opportunity to do life with them and to serve Him together. last Sunday the came over and we had some massive planning for our youth group. God is good and I could not be more thankful.

anyways guys this has been our life lately.