it has been a good day today! my life has been pretty much great these days, but i feel like i haven't shared so much in this blog so here are some thing that I'm doing lately

reading: El hombre light from Enrique Rojas, it's for one class from the university and it's actually very good.
loving: baby's. i don't know, but they are so perfect and when ever i see a picture on IG, Fb or a baby in real person i totally freak out and want to squash there cheeks.
watching: the new and final season of Parenthood. seriously it's my favorite show ever, it also a bit sad because it's there last season.
enjoying: the rain and trying to find the love for coffee.
planning: on remodeling my bedroom, i want it all white.
craving: to try the ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
missing: doing exercise and specially yoga, oh boy i miss it so much.
feeling: very calm, school it's not so hard and i'm having more time to do other things.
inspired: by pinterest, i could spend hours there.
excited: about christmas.
listening: to find love by Prince of Spain. 
thankful: for friends and my church family.
thinking: of cutting my hair.
trying: the diagonal nails

what have you been up to?
happy Wednesday people!
xoxo Andrea

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