Life Lately

Okay so life lately.
There is no much going on in my life, but sure little things that make my life so blessed and exciting.
So I want to share with you all a few little things that are making life beautiful
   1. Gummy Worms
   2. My new film camera that I am so excited to use and get into the film world
   3. Smoothie Time , this one is Blackberry
    4. My Room
    5. sisterhood
    6. Youth Group at my House every Saturday , I love this people so much
    7. and last and probably my favorite : My time with the Lord
you know just simple things that bright my life
what about yours ?
xoxo Anna


17th Birthday!

For our birthday we had a simple and intimate party here at our house. Our birthday was on Sunday and we could not be more happy about it (I mean Sunday is always the best and the most fun days of the week). In the afternoon we invite my family and two families from church that you could say they are family because we've known them since we were little and they are great friends and the sweetest people ever.
We are so grateful to God for the family we have and that people who are around us who love us.
We are extremely blessed.
It is such a privilege to celebrate this day with my beautiful best friend, sister and twin. Love you so much Anna.
xo Andrea.


A beautiful little place

 A beautiful little place call La Madeleine
so last Friday we decided to go to this new out door mall and we eat at this amazing little place
as you can see from the picture , is beautiful
and the food was amazing the hot chocolate was my favorite
the chef and owner of this place is from Paris which it makes it more special
we had a good time as a Family although we miss Enid so badly
Happy Monday


Surprise Birthday Party!

Okay so our birthday was the 24th, we had so much fun That weekend. On friday ,Leani (our best friend), invited us to stay at her house and have like a sleep over party, so we were excited and really looking forward to that. Her mom picked us up. so when we entered the house we saw balloons, and friend That shouted "Surprise Happy Birthday"
 We had so much fun, she prepared a lot of activities for the evening, first we change our clothes because we were going to play twister with paint, then a war of balloons full with water, then piƱata, then the cake (she make the mustache cake, i mean how amazing is that) and ate pizza and then, smores. And then everybody left and so we watch movies just the three of us.

We had such an amazing afternoon.
We love you so much Leani and Thank you so much for this awesome Surprise Birthday Party!! You are the best friend ever, ever. Love you.