Thoughts of the week

this week has been a little bit stressful and busy and full of so many things to do
we haven´t been home so much and that sometimes is really stressful, being in the city could be so tired for the most part but still we enjoyed .
we haven´t done school as much as we should
and being in control of the house is so hard
the thing is i have been so lost and disconnected about my relationship with the Lord
i haven´t done my devotional all week long and that's why i have been so frustrated and discourage and not in a good mood :(
life without him is not life
he is the giver of life and he deserves every thing from us
our time
our gifts
our life 
He puts us in this world to live for him, to honor Him and to know Him more and more every day that we could inspire others and make them believe in Him , not to be stress or frustrated for things that don´t mean anything to him things that yes sometimes are hard but we don´t have to let them win and brigs us down
but if we are not connected to the Lord and with His word how could that not happen ? it can´t
we have to be so strong in him and in his word so that doesn´t happen and how we do that ?
well reading our bible and lessening to his voice ...

as i am right now reading this verse the lord just spoke to my heart :

 This is what  the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
" In repentance and rest is your salvation,
  in quietness and trust is your strength "
                                     Isaiah 30:15.

that is exactly what the lord calls me to do right now
to rest in him and trust in his word and leave all those things that put me down behind me
this week i have been so stress for things that don´t deserve to much though and just be in rest and trust is Him every single minute of the day .

I've been so disconnected from the Lord this week that I've realized that life is nothing without him and not worth living that way for sure !!

so i am going to make a commitment today :
that i will spent more time with the Lord and His word this new week coming
because he give me this life to be happy and with joy and peace and most importantly


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