He is with us :)

ohh my we are so excited to write this post
we are so happy and blessed to be sharing this with you all
we are with a big smile on our faces :)
ok so as you may know this has not been a great week
we have been feeling so alone in the past few days and being without our mom it has been hard
God has been so good to us , we have found that He is the only one who gets us and understands what we are going through  He has shown us that the only  thing we need is Him and He´s word
we have found peace and joy during our time with Him...
He´s love is so awesome and with no limits
maybe He is making us go through this so that we can seek Him more and find our strength in Him
so that we can find
love in Him
rescue in His love
joy and peace
Hes has everything under control and He´s love is so BIG and amazing  
He does everything for a reason , nothing is by chance 
and He wants us to be more close to Him .
He is with us and He is going to make us stronger in Him .

Anna and Andrea !!

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