so last week we made a post about one goal to accomplish during the week and it was about doing five posts last week , we try ,but as you already know we didn´t make it we fail !! but we also learn something about that and it is that blogging should be fun and natural is not supposed to be a pressure  and sometimes you take it that way, like " we NEED to do a post today !! " but you don´t need to ( well if you haven´t post for a month maybe you need to haha ) but we don´t need to post every single day of the week . blogging is about expressing ourselves and be us and just a way to share our lives and there are moments when we take it so seriously and blogging should be fun and just a way to relax , is our hobby !!so yes we didn´t made our goal but learn that blogging is not about pressure . is about having fun and enjoying this community :)

so we are not going to post every single day , we are just going to post when we feel like it an that would be like 3 or 4 posts a week ... we love blogging and we are so happy to do it :)


  1. What a pretty desk! I heart your blog and will read whenver you post :)

    1. thank you !! you just made our day for sure :)
      xoxo Anna and Andrea