a saturday afternoon

I have absolutely no idea why this Saturday afternoon has been so calm and lazy , i have been thinking so much this afternoon , like they are a million of thoughts crossing my mind right now as i am writing this post , i guess is because i have nothing left to do . 

oh my this week has been so so so long !!! well i can´t believe that my mom gets home in just 2 more days but  for that part the week has gone so fast  but for the rest has not :(
we have finals next week and we have been studying all week long (  we have try to study ) we haven´t done anything cool or fun or you know something exciting , we have been all the week here at home and that for us is sad (bummer)
i have absolutely no idea where i am going with this post 
sorry for that 
but seriously i have so much in my mind right now that i don´t know how to write it down 
i think sometimes is just better if i just say what i want to say right ? right ?  i´am right ? 
i want to say that i am sick and i feel sleepy right now ( i think that is why this post is not making any sense haha )
i want to say that i can´t wait for Monday to come , my mom gets home finally !!! woop woop 
i want to say that i am so bless to have an amazing father that has taken the roll of my mom the last month 
i want to say that i miss my long hair so much :( ( i donated my hair 4 months ago )
i want to say that i am dying for a donut right now
i want to say that i am so happy that another year of school has gone by ( 5 more days and we are officially on vacation for the rest of the year )
i want to say that i love weekends , but not this one 
i want to say that i love my sister Andrea so much , she is my best friend and she is just so amazing and awesome . ( love ya sister )
i want to say that i haven´t been doing my devotionals , ahh i feel so bad because of that, i promise i would and i haven´t , i know that i don´t have any excuse for that but ohh boy  i really need to bring back my time with the Lord , please pray for me !!!
i want to say that i love blogging , i really do 

and i want to say that i love you so much for reading this :) 
Love Anna 

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