Perfect Plans for my life!

On October 26th i had an interview for the scholarship.
I was nerves + so happy
I felt wired + so confident
my heart was in peace
as i was siting there with the three people in front of me, I prayed
"Lord help me to say what you want me to say"
the interview went very well and i was happy with it.
 I did my part
I did what a had to do
now i just need to wait
wait...wait..and wait
if they don't call me by November 19th I'm out
If they call me before November 19th I'm sill on the proses of getting it,
and i will have another interview .
I am nerves + excited to see what will happened
some days i think i will get the scholarship
other days i think i Will not
but more importantly i believe that He already knows
I believe He is in control
He will not be surprise to know if i got it or not
and either one it will be on His plans for my life.
It's wonderful to know that He already knows
He knows what i will be doing next year
and He not only knows, He has promised that He will be with me!
With me! By my side!!!
He has a plan and a perfect one.
i want to say YES to His plans.
Lately i have been resting in Him,
In His premises:
 So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaías 41:10
"For every cloud that floats across the summer sky;
 for every blade of grass that points its tiny spear Heavenward;
 for every dewdrop that gleams in the morning sun;
for every beam of light that shoots across the limitless space from sun to earth,
 God has a purpose and a plan. How much more, then, for you who are His own, in Christ Jesus, does God have a perfect, prepared life plan. And not only so, but
God Has a Plan For Your Life Which No Other Man Can Fulfill"
by Jones McConkey
He is wonderful, and His love for me will never end.
I'm already thankful for whatever is going to happen on the next couple of weeks :)
Love Andrea

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