Mixco Viejo part II

Here are more pictures from our time at Mixco Viejo.
The day was perfect, the perfect weather with the sun out and everything. also the grass as you can see it was so green, so it was the perfect time to go there. we had sunburn and we were all so tired at the end but is was so worth it. it was about time to do something like this with the family. climbing ruins and walking and seeing the beautiful mountains was perfect.
We were all so happy and enjoying everything.
Joel was telling us that he was going to jump to the other side of the ruin, poor Karla, she believe him, she was terrified, hahaha
I am so thankful for my grandparents. they are so strong and full of energy. and just look at then... they are so adorable. So happy to be able to do stuff like this with them.
 Enid wanted to sit in the tree and Caleb try to help her but it was imposable. haha it was such a  funny moment
 so tired at the end
 haha this is a funny story. there was a guy that was selling ice creams and he was following us everywhere so we would buy him some, and we will always said "no thanks". At the end we were all tired and he went again to offer us and we all where like "YES" haha. they where so good.
 the last one we climed
 can you tell i was so happy?
hope you are doing well + Hope you are having a wondeful week :)
xoxo Andrea.

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