our trip to Chuche, Quiche day one

Our trip to Quiche was more then wonderful. Our church has been supporting and helping the village of Chuche that is in Nevaj. Chuche is a very poor village and the church help them to built classrooms for there school. we left  Wednesday and it took us all day to get there. Quiche is known for his big mountains and beautiful landscapes, so we enjoy that so much. we where eight people from the Church, plus Caleb (our cousin). we all had a blast + we learned so so much from everything. We took so many pictures, so we will be sharing all week long about our trip. God is so good an being able to see His majesty and His power was the best. the first day we painted the classrooms in the morning and then in the afternoon we had a little vacation bible school for the kids. they only speak Ixil so we had translators for the lesions. Sandra also gave training to some teachers. at the end of each day, after dinner we all share what we liked or impacted us about the day and for what we were grateful for, oh sweet, sweet moments...

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