our trip to Chuche, Quiche day two

the second day was so amazing. we had a chauffeur, and he took us everywhere. His name is Domingo. Chuche is about 45 minuets from our hotel in Nevaj. we also had breakfast and dinner at his house every single day. His wife, Kara did all the food and oh my.. it was so delicious. they have two beautiful kids, so it was always a fun time being there with them. so the plans for that day was to go visit the kids that we sponsored. we first went to visit Maco's little boy. it was so sweet to watch Maco talk to the family and see him meet him for the first time. the family had a special food for all of us. the soup was good :) then Jose and his brother sang to us some songs and then we had to say goodbye. Yoselin was the second one we visit. I met her in June when we went with Maria Jose. it was great to see her again, but it was a bit sad that Maria Jose was not there with us. it's very special to see where they leave and meet there family's. Then we went to see our little guy, Rafael. (there's a special post for that  + we will post about that later). after that we went to chuche. we had lunch there and then the vacation bible school. the kids were so happy to see us again and learn more about Jesus + they finish their crowns . Gloria and I were in charge of teaching them the bible verse. we also have so much fun learning ixil. the kids laughed at us when we said something to them in ixil and some kids knew a little bit of Spanish and they will taught us some word in ixil.

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