Graduation Day!

goodness I don't even know where to begin this, the day was just too much.
I was so nervous, I was sitting next to Natalie so that was the best! she is the best.
when I was sitting there, so many thoughts cross my mind, I mean after all those years this is finally coming to an end, to this, to graduation, all the effort and all the sacrifices that my parents made, and here we stand with the reword in front of us.

 I couldn't be happier! the Lord has been so good, He has bless me with this amazing family that I have and with good friends that support me. so thankful for Andrea and for making those years the best of my life!! Sister I love you so much, thanks for always showing me that life is good and for always remanding me what we are here for. You are the best and nothing in life will compare to being homeschooled by your side.
thanks to my mom for her love and for always making those days of school the best ones, always making something fun and chairing us with a little simple thing (Little notes, verses, Candy,etc) ughh I am crying, there is no words to describe what my mom did, NO WORDS!! I am beyond grateful with God for this experience, it change my life. anyways back to the graduation, it was pretty weird because we din't know nobody of the people that where graduating with us, the where all strangers.
but we had fun.
having Don and Chiqui (my mom's uncle and aunt) there giving us our diplomas was very special. they are the sweeties people and the love they have for the Lord it's inspiring. We love them so much!
October 26th was such a special day to me. being able to graduate with my sister wast the best. I will forever be thankful for my parents for doing this for me and to have the best twin in the world by my side all those years. i can't believe that it's all over. it was overwhelming being there and seeing all the people who came for me, to feel there love for me and for my family. i am so thankful for everybody!
My mom is the most wonderful woman in the universe and i can't express how much i love her and admire her. She has taught me to read and write until chemistry and physics. She is a genius!!!!
and i know all her wisdom comes from the Lord. Anna, she is my partner, my best friend, my helper,  the one who makes me laugh, the one who i can cry and tell her all my problems and my concerns in life, with her i can be my self, with her i feel like the funniest person... i don't know what i would do with out her. I love you so much Anna!!!
You rock and i think it's wonderful to share life with you, to be able to
see each other on the eyes and know that the other one it's thinking.
this day was a blessing and i know the Lord was very happy! :)
 we also got the big opportunity to share this day with Natalie!

photo credits: Natalie + Caleb

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