ISP Conference. Zacapa.

 hey hey! we came back from Zacapa on Friday.
the whole trip was amazing.
we had to translate from 7am until 9:30pm, yes it was exhausting but ohh my it was so worth it.
ISP (International School Project) is an organization that works with teachers around the world. they equip them for a whole week. the conference was a success! hearing all the teachers talk about how the Lord is using them in there community, was so inspiring . all the speakers where amazing, the discussions that we had in our Little groups as well.
also we got the opportunity to make new friends (good friends) and share with them the whole experience. we are so thankful for this opportunity that the Lord gave us and for using us for His kingdom. we are so bless to be able to serve in our country.
Guatemala we are so sure God is doing something big, and Hi has great plans for this country.
this is Vicki my fasilatador. She was a blessing. it was such a privilege to be her translator. She really inspíre me to love the Lord. Her story is so beutiful and i'm so thankful for her life.
and this is my group, we had to be togehter all the time. it was so sweet to meet them and spend a whole week togehter.

this is my beautiful fasilatador, it was such a blessing to work with her as a teem an we both skeak to the teacher about the Word of God and His Love for us. she is truly the best and I am so thankful for sharing that week with her and being able to get to know her more.
 this group of friends are the best. we have awesome memories that we will never forget with them.

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