Remember when...this place

We are pretty happy, grateful and thankful for your garden. We seriously love it. We have lived here since we were born, growing up in our lovely little home, with our cousins as our neighbors and having this big big garden it's just such a blessing. It's truly a gift.
 I remember playing and playing here,
 pretending we where mamas with our dolls, pretending we where princesses,
riding our bikes, lying on a big blanket until nightfall , picking up fireflies, climbing trees,
picnics, running in the rain, playing and getting wet with the water hose, birthday parties,
 lying in a hammock watching the branches, leaves and the moon above me, having devotionals,
 having big lunch's with the family...
 we can seriously go on and on saying so many things we've done and enjoyed about this place.
xoxo a+a

p.s. those pictures where taken last year.

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