Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

 This past month we celebrate our grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. They got married August 10th of 1963.  They spend their first three months of marriage traveling all over Europe (who would not want a honeymoon like that?). They are the most wonderful people ever and they are a the perfect example of trusting the Lord and giving up there lives to/for Jesus.
They are the perfect grandparents in the world.
As granddaughters, seeing them so in love, so happy and still together, it's the best feeling ever, every time you are with them they just will transmit you so much inspiration and happiness.
we are so thankful for their lives!
Thank you Jesus for those two!
soon we will show the photos of the party, but for now we leave you with some pictures from their wedding in 1963 and some others along the years.
the photos below are from their honeymoon

at our aunt wedding
Andrea + grandpa
 all of us, the grandchildren. 

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