Our senior sweatshirts

Hi there! how are you all doing? we are very happy to finally have our senior sweatshirts, after planning it for over a year it's finally here. three weeks ago we went to pick them up at the printing company and we completely fell in love with them. early in the year we had an idea of how we wanted it the design to be. our wonderful mama is a graphic designer and she has always been good at drawing, so we all designed it and put our little touch in there and she draw it,
then we took the drawing to the  INK Design girls to help us make the art to give to the screen printing company to have it put on the sweatshirt.
The whole design is perfect, it's exactly how we feel. is truly the greatest adventure of our lives and we could not be happier.
time has fly and we are two week of finishing.
We can't express how much we love our mama and how thankful we are for her. She is so amazing and really the best teacher ever!

p.s. a big thanks to the INK Design girls and Creativa studio for help us put it all together.

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