It's all those little moments that make life a very big adventure (part II)

We we arrived, we went straight to the cabin that we are building and had some coffee.
 I love to capture every moment in this beautiful place, those are moments that we will remember forever and is nice to be able to share it here with you all.
 It's a blessing to have this place to relax and get away from the city.
 there was an earthquake on Friday afternoon, Enid and I were at the field, my dad was at the cabin and the rest were at the house. it was very strong. out of the blue we begin to see that the car wich was on our side began to move from side to side and i told Enid "is shaking" and so we begin to see that the trees were moving, it was pretty cool, the magnitude was of  6.5.
 In case you were wondering we are alright! haha and later in the night we had thee more, i only felt one right before i fall asleep. oh oh earthquakes! we love you Guatemala!
here are some pictures from your time at the farm.

Anna having a cup of tea and Enid reading us
Saturday morning, the view from upstairs at 7:30 am
picking more raspberries
it's corn season. these are freshly cut from the cornfield.
On our way back
we stopped for lunch
  xo Andrea.

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