trip to Santa cruz, Quiche II

We decided to go to the market to see some things and walk around Santa Cruz. After that we went to have lunch at a really delicious restaurant called Rejis.
Santa Cruz is a colorful and a beautiful small town. 
at 4:00 we got to the "Casa de mi Padre" orphanage and spend the rest of the day there, playing with the kids and with the "gringos". Anna accompanied the older kids to the Church for memorization club. 
they came right on time for dinner. We were all very tired but we enjoy the company of the kids!
after dinner we had a short worship time and then a devotional just us and the "gringos" were we all shared our highs and lows about the trip, it was very sweet to hear everything and being encourage by words and specially by what the Lord has been doing in our lifes and in our hearts. 

Quiche, it was wonderful to spend the weekend with your great people and seeing how beautiful you are!
xoxo a+a

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