Thankful for my family!

The Lord has bless me so much with the family that i have!
over this year they have show me so much love and support. i cannot even express how much that has helped me to overcome this hard year. 
like a month ago i was invited to go on a women's retreat that was hosted by the church that my grandparents go and i said yes. it was such a wonderful weekend learning from the word of God and shearing with lovely women of all ages. one night we had a very sweet moment when they were talking about how much we are loved and how God looks at us with forgiveness, with grace, with mercy, and with so so much LOVE. 
at the end of the talk they handed us a package with our names on them, with cards and letters.
we had a time to read them, everyone was quite and very emotional.  it was the sweetest thing reading the letters that my family wrote me! they were full of words of engorgement, of affirmation, of admiration, of gratitude, of LOVE. i cry as i was reading them. My family are my best friends, my everything, my people, and i have been blessed by having every single one of them in my life. 
thank you Jesus for family!

xo Andrea

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