Planetshakers concert!

on friday we went to see planetshakers in concert!
we waited so much for that day to happened, we wanted to go to a concert for so long and finally we had the opportunity! 
we went with our best friends so that made it even better.
God and his presence was there, being able to worship Jesus with an amazing group as planetshakers was such a blessing, God used them tremendously.
one of the things that impressed us about them was how they did it for Him, it wasn't about the show and how great they sing and how amazing musicians they are but it was all about Him and for Him.
they gave all the glory to God and that's way they where able to lead us in worship!
as I said, His presence was there, we could felt it in a way that we just don't understand.
 as a group of friends we are all involved in worship, we all serve in the worship team at the church so we we where inspired by all of it.
Thank you Jesus.

xoxo a+a

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