In search. Guate// 003. Mercado de Antigua.

oh boy! ... markets are my favorite places ever, and i thing i have said this a couple of times here in the blog but i really can not take it ... they are the best things ever! the Antigua's market is my favorite and since we went today, we thought we will take some pictures and show you. it's about 45 minutes away from where we live, they have the best prices, and the people ... oh the people! even though they don' t have much money or resources, you can see there faces and there attitudes show that they are happy. another thing I love about them is that they are all very hard working people, most of them cultivate their own vegetables, and that's not an easy job, others struggle to get there and sell to provide for their families.
 i think living a simple life is the best.
i also love there beautiful and colorful "Guipiles". This place is inspiring and  it expresses the real Guatemalan culture.
it makes me love my country even more every time i go!
we hope you like it!
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xo Andrea

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