video LOVE #2

 a love this video of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala made by Zach Fackrell

this is very cool, so cool, and i'm very excited for the up coming ones.
well done Jacks Gap!!!

The Devine's are such a beautiful little family, they both are videographers for haugen creative.
this is a video of there react tip to Italy. Make sure to fallow them on Instagram and check up there blog.

we have loved every single one of London and Beth's videos. they have travel to so many places all around the world and this is there recent trip to Italy with there sweet little Bronson. see more of their videos here.

Hannah Meggs is a make up artist, mammy and beauty blogger. she and her husband have a youtube channel where they document their little and beautiful family.

this video is called Tell Me What You See from Andy Ryan Flores. I love the cinematography of it and the message is beautiful.

and the last one is called " A letter"  from FreePeople

hope you love videos as much as i do, and enjoy this one's.
xoxo Andrea

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