guys last week I was able to go to Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango for the ISP conference.
Andrea and I have worked in this conferences before and we absolutely love them! 
this year I was the only one able to go because Andrea was busy with school. But it was fun because Maco and Gloria where invited too, so I was not alone, haha.
if you read one of our ISP posts before you know that they come to equip teacher off all levels in how to use a curriculum based on the bible, teaching them values and moral. 
the whole experience was life changing, from hearing the speakers, to seeing teachers come to Christ + some interpreters too. God worked in my life in many ways and oh my, He is doing something big in this place and in all Guatemala too. 
so blessed to be able to be part of an amazing team who does all this for our country.
+ I was able to know this amazing people who now I can call friends and brothers and sisters in Christ! Thank You JESUS for allowing me to serve you where you had pleased me.
xoxo Anna.

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