life latelly

Life... Life..... Life

we are just 2 months away to the year to end oh my goodness it has gone so fast!
life right now consists in:

Anna: I get out of school on December 11th so I still have 3 more weeks to go, I can`t wait for this year of school to be over, I can`t do it anymore. haha. so for now my routine is basically the same, walking around the city taking pictures, going to classes, getting together with friends while I can. I go home all weekends to see my family and friends, etc. this week my grandparents left early to the farm so that meant 2 #homealone nights for me, but on Thursday I came home with the surprise that Andrea was spending the night with me! it was a huge relief!!! we walked to the DD near the house and had some coffee and a nice chat! + Heading home right now to have an amazing weekend! woot woot.

my thought right now: "JUST THREE MORE WEEKS ANNA!

Andrea: last week a finish my second semester, and i thought that was it for the year but no, i still have to take an statistics class. and i will be finally done with school for this long year in two weeks.
life has been okay for me this past month, nothing big has happened. but i have to mention I'm very thankful for two things. number one: i feel very lucky to be able to study what i like, i think until now i have found the beauty of studying fashion Design. I'm excited for the year to come and be able to be a great designer. and number two: i have wanted to get away from the house and find a distraction, like running, waking or doing some kind of exercise and this week i remember we have a really nice bike that we abandon a few years ago. so a decided to take it out and ride it. it just felt perfect, feeling the wind on my face and music on my ears...ohhh...nothing better. So I'm happy i found my thing... riding my bike.
oh and you know what the best part? the bike is white. hahaha :)

my thought right now: "RELAX, DON'T WORRY,  LIFE IS GOING TO BE OKAY"
oh and " JUST SMILE"

Hope you are doing more than fine! and wherever you are, we just thank you for reading.
Happy Weekend.
xoxo a+a

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