Youth camp!

hello people! we have taken some time out on posting here in the blog, we have been so busy with school and we feel like weeks go way to fast, so we are sorry for that.
Last weekend we had our youth camp from church so we went to Chimaltenango for two night and three days with the crew. we had such a wonderful and incredibly time! we were thirty six young humans and the beautiful thing was that at the end we were all a new family. 
we were involve in planning the camp with a couple of more people and the camp totally blew our minds, 
it was more that we expected and we know that the Lord was there with us. it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the word of God and specially our what we should  do as followers of Jesus Christ. 
at one point of the camp we made groups for do bible studies and each one had a lieder, we both lead groups and that was a big blessing,
 being able to get to know each other better, to have more personal talk, 
and to study the bible was great.
we have shared here in the blog about the whole story of our youth group, all the things we have been through and all the hard times we have had, so having this camp lead by us ( a group of young friends) and an amazing couple who did the whole organizing things was a victory!!! 
God has shown us that we can do it and that all the way through those hard times he had a plan and He still has one! its beautiful to Him move in all of us.
to Him be the glory forever and ever!

here are some pictures and at the end there is a video we made with Maria Jose! enjoy.

xoxo a+a

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