video LOVE! #1

Hey people!! I'm very happy you are here! well i have to be honest and tell you that i have been a little bit obsessed with videos this past month, so i  will share some of my favorite ones. hope you like them and feel inspired by some of them. Enjoy!

this conference from Paige Brown of Nehemiah 5 and 6 is so far my favorite, i love how the Lord speaks through her. you have to see this and i mean it.

Caleb and Ariana are a beautiful young married couple how love hiking and have a big passion for videography . they recently travel to Alaska and  film there whole trip, there vlogs are the best! you can see the part 2 of there trip Here.
i also love Essie's videos and specially her personality. make sure you check out her beauty youtube channel were she post weekly.
she also has a lifestyle channel that shares with her boyfriend, Aslan and there dog Reggie. i have been watching their recently Nordic roadtrip, and every video is great. 

Shane Harper!!! haha we recently watch the "God's not dead" movie and we loved it, + we found this interview on youtube, were he talks about his live and what that movie has impact him.
p.s. if you haven't seen the movie, go and watch it!!

OK, so this video is to die for!!! seriously, they are the best couple ever and there music is so amazing! i just love, love, this whole video, and i play the song over and over all the time.

i found out about Charity:water on instagram and then search for there website where i found this conference from the founder, Scott Harrison. His story is so incredibly  awesome! i was so inspired by hearing this.

xo Andrea

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