zoo day

on Saturday we went to the zoo. my mom's cousin from Virginia (the one that Enid stayed at the beginning of the year for five months) came to visit, so we decided it would be a good idea to take them to the zoo. the girls loved it. they recently put penguins at the zoo, so we were excited to see them for the first time. later in the afternoon we took them to Cayala. Cayala at this time of the year is so so so beautiful. we had some coffee there and walk and the girls Reid the carousel. oh and one excited thing: we saw a bugaboo for the first time, you always see it on blogs and on pictures but seeing it on real life was exciting. after that we took them back to there place and we went to have diner with some friends at Papa Jones Pizza. it was our first time trying it and it was so so good. anyways we had a pretty fun, good saturday. xoxo a+a

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