Visiting Rafael!

 On Friday ( our third day there) we went to see Rafael. for my dad and for me (andrea) was our second time seeing him, but for Anna and my mom was there first time meeting him. this last photo is from his house, were he + his four siblings + his parents live. they are so poor. it was such a sweet moment to see him again and hug him very tight. it was great to see him talk more and see him more happy than the last time we sow him. he was so grateful for us coming to visit him and for the thing that we gave him + his family.
We had to communicate threw a translater because he only speaks ixil. we prayed for him and encourage him to keep going to school.
he lives in a tiny little room with his would family. he is nine years old and he still can't read or write.
we can't express how much we love him. he is our little guy.

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