This week

Our invitations from our graduation and party.
We have enjoyed our first days of vacations very much, relax mornings, free time, and planing and getting prepared for our graduation. knowing that you have nothing to do it's weird but at the same time it feels great. We really can't believe it. 
On Monday Anna had an exam to enter to a culinary school and on Thursday we were knowing if she got in or not, we were praying and trusting in the Lord, all we wanted was His will. 
I do not know if you know this but like a moths ago i applied for a scholarship in the U.S. to study graphic design. We are still waiting for a response. I know that if i get it, it will be God's will, and i will be more that happy to go, but if i do not get it i will be thrilled to stay and study fashion design. The Lord has been giving me so much peace on my heart about this and I'm waiting on Him.
it seems like everything is moving so fast! we are done with school, graduation is next week, then our party . I got accepted in the culinary schoo!!! and i know it's from the Lord that i got in.:) we are already thinking and talking  about next year and what we would be doing. its crazy to think that everything is going to be so different, I mean nothing is going to be the same.
It's been fun to see everything that it's going on, what will happened and in some thing not knowing. God is so good and throughout this week we have seen Him do great things for us and for His glory.
Today we are having the concert from the youth group. another church it's coming and i will be fun. Praying that the Lord will speak to our hearts and that He will be glorified.
Hope you had a wonderful week and wishing you the best weekend! :)
xo a+a

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